Adapt or Die | Podcast

A podcast for Disruption Survivors and WereOps outcasts.

Adapt or Die
From WereOps to DevOps

WereOps. This is the life of a developer these days. Part coder, part project manager, part user interface designer, and now... part cloud solutions architect? I have so many "parts" that I'm not a whole anything anymore. I'm managing to maintain my career as an IT Specialist, but only until the light of the full stack moon emerges from the cloudy shadow of a dark web sky. Then I must transform from having No-Ops to the twisted reality of WereOps! A beast cursed to wonder the server room floor looking for his lost rubber chicken.

What is Adapt or Die? Look! I'm not ready to retire! So I started a new podcast called Adapt or Die -- From WereOps to DevOps. The AoD podcast will help me share with you what I know about adapting to the new world of continuous innovation. AoD is all about finding the cure for Gen-X technologists like me, bitten by the scourge of WereOps and transformed into strange creatures stuck between cloud technology and DevOps principles. I hope this can band us Gen-X technologists all together around a podcast that attempts to give you the stories and skills to survive another industry in disruption.

Coming in 2018